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Compiled by Ray Samko .

This page contains the KNOWN names of all Legion and Sons of the Legion family members that belong to a post, unit or squadron in Worcester County District 4 that have passed away since the Worcester County Council - District 4 meeting held on May 2021

Forward the name, date of death or errors to 
 RaySamko at vhp435@vernonhill435.net  

"On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation, please accept this flag as a token of the honorable and faithful service of your loved one."




Post 2 Barre

Post 9 Millbury (Devoe-Taylor)
Norman A. Berube 3/15/2022
Roland N. Chausse 9/10/2022
Philip A. Dubuque 11/12/2022 (former member)

Post 10 Fitchburg

Post 31 Southbridge

Post 33 Uxbridge (Charles A. Rice)
Edward J. "Sonny" Gouin 5/17/2022

Post 41 North Brookfield (Sawyer-Mathieu-Kearns)

Post 42 Holden (John E. Harkins)

Post 50 Clinton (James R. Kirby)
Stephen E. Granger Jr. 8/2/2022
William J. Moran Jr. 9/25/2022

Post 58 Oxford
Richard "Vinnie" J. Vincent 4/19/2022
Richard L. Iannotti 6/29/2022
Gary W. Watson 7/18/2022
Eugene B. MacKay 8/14/2022
Kenneth D. Devault 8/15/2022
Edward J. “Ricky” Valliere Jr. 10/2/2022 (former member)

Post 59 Milford (Sgt. John W. Powers)
Stanley Bokoski Jr. 10/18/2022

Post 92 North Grafton (Delisle-Goulet)
Milton "Doc" Atchue 5/12/2022
Carl A. Erickson 5/17/2022
Arthur H. Chaput, Jr. 8/13/2022
Ernest M. Silva 8/17/2022 (former member)
George B. Harrington 9/8/2022
Norman J. Daigle 10/20/2022 (Past Post Commander)
Raymond "Eddie" Banks Sr;.10/24/2022
Joseph A. Laperle 10/26/2022

Post 96 Lancaster (Everett H. Minigan)

Post 102 Athol (Edward H. Phillips)
Antone T Rosa 4/4/2022
Keith C. Chase 6/1/2022 (former member)
Stanley Francis Miarecki 6/27/2022 (former S.A.L. member)
Lawrence C. "Larry" Teague 8/12/2022
Robert J. Brighenti 10/26/2022

Post 109 Sturbridge (Champaeu-Vilandre)
Kenneth A. Champeau 11/17/2022

Post 119 Harvard (Edward Thomas)

Post 129 Gardner
Charles E. Forcier Jr.. 9/23/2022 (former member)
Robert Peter Blake 11/14/2022

Post 138 Spencer (Gaudette-Kirk)
Hubert J. Perron 6/14/2022
William F. "Bill" Perron 7/13/2022
Paul G. Bernard, Jr. 8/23/2022 (former member)

Post 142 Ashburnham (Thomas P. Sweeney)
Donald A Bisbee Sr. 8/11/2022

Post 151 Leominster
Richard Stephen Earley 6/5/2022
Robert B. Martin 6/12/2022 (former member)
Terrence P. Lasonde 8/27/2022 (former member)

Post 161 Southborough (Bagley-Fay)
Russell A. Horne 9/1/22

Post 162 Berlin (H. Wallance Woodward)
Ruea Nancy (Wheeler) Baum 9/13/2022

Post 163 Westborough (Stowell-Parker)

Post 173 Upton (Marshall-Leland)

Post 174 Westminster (William S. Miller)
Arthur H Dubuque 2/4/2022

Post 184 Webster (Webster-Dudley)
Robert P Russell, Sr. 3/9/2022 (former member)
William P Adamuska Sr. 3/22/2022
Irvin F. Piehler 5/4/2022
James C. "Curly" Mack 7/8/2022
Thomas R. "Tommy" Bronczyk 7/27/2022 (former member)
Alfred L. "Al" Nowicki 10/9/2022
Augustin A. Arsenault, Jr. 11/20/2022 (former member)

Post 189 Sterling (Hiram O. Taylor)
Stephen R. Jablonsky Jr. 4/20/2022
Philip L. Nash 10/27/2022

Post 193 Winchendon (Eugene M. Connor)
Donald E. Duplease 4/58/2022
Ira J. Cass Jr. 6/8/2022
Leo P. Collette Jr. 6/17/2022
Earl W. McQueston 7/30/2022
Ronald J. Smith 9/8/2022 (former member)
John Phillip Cyganiewicz 9/18/2022 (Past Post Commander)

Post 201 Worcester (East Side)
Robert A. Frongillo, Sr. 5/19/2022
Harold R. Buduo 5/28/2022 (former member)
Nicholas J. Grande, Sr. 6/18/2022 (former member)
Adam F. Pultorak 8/13/2022
Richard W. Zadroga 8/2/2022
Richard P. Langevin, Sr 9/25/2022 (former member)
Bartolomeo T. Simone 10/26/2022 (former member)

Post 204 West Boylston (Harold N. Keith)
Stanley L. Kozlowski, Jr., 3/24/2022
Walter C. Roach 4/14/2022
James I. Stark 6/3/2022
Edward "Bud" B. Hodgerney Jr. 7/31/2022 (former member)

Post 234 Northborough (Vincent F. Picard)
Robert "Bob" W. Gordon 4/20/2021 (former member)
Robert D. Haddon 3/11/2022
George W Lundberg, Jr. 7/29/2022
Donald D. Haitsma 11/11/2022

Post 238 Shrewsbury (Ray Stone)
Richard A. "Dick" Brodeur 9/4/2022
Albert “Al” P. Etre 9/19/2022
James C. Joubert 10/26/2022

Post 244 West Brookfield (Adams-Coney-Frew)
Clifford G. Fountain 3/14/2022 (former member)

Post 246 Gilbertville (John J. Weir)

Post 279 Auburn (Chester P. Tuttle)
John V. “Jack” Dunn, Jr. 5/24/2022 (former member)
Arthur C. Watt, Sr. 10/1/2022 (former member)
Jeremiah N. Coffey 10/17/2022

Post 288 Worcester (Tatnuck)
Daniel J. Morrissey 5/12/2022
Raymond J. Sansoucy 7/31/2022

Post 306 Paxton
George Frederick “Bud” Howatt, Jr. 3/10/2021

Post 310 Rutland

Post 318 Worcester (Quinsigamond)
Thomas G. Brown, Jr. 2/1/2021

Post 319 Worcester (Greendale)
Roger Haroyan 3/21/2022

Post 323 Worcester (Grafton Hill)

Post 341 Worcester (Main South)
Anthony R. Cataldo 2/7/2021

Post 343 Northbridge (Oliver Ashton)
Walter J. Crawford 4/13/2022

Post 355 Mendon (Roger L. Wood)

Post 373 Baldwinville (Lt. Roger P. Warfield)
Patrick T Mullins 9/2/2022
Gordon H Gauthier 9/6/2022
David R. Littlewood 10/23/2022
Robert J. LaFountain 11/3/2022 (former member)

Post 386 East Brookfield (Boulette-Sky)

Post 391 Charlton
Clarence A. Bachand 6/20/2022
Michael W. Rabidou 9/15/2022

Post 397 Shrewsbury (Victor R. Quaranta)
Matthew R. Aramento 9/24/2022
Brian Kent Barnhart 10/18/2022

Post 398 Boylston (Barton-Brown-Button)

Post 411 Millville (Millville Memorial)
Nelson I. Bartlett 8/4/2022

Post 414 Sutton (Dudley-Gendron)
Dallas "Michael" Hayes, Jr. 2/26/2022 (S.A.L. member)
Roger F. Sherby 3/9/2022 (Past Post Commander)
David V. Karacius 3/18/2022 (S.A.L. member)
Peter M Derry, Jr 4/28/2022.
Robert E ."Bob" Smith 4/29/2022
Allan E. Hicks Sr. 4/30/2022 (former member)
George Bott 5/14/2022
Arthur L. Stockwell, Sr. 11/13/2022

Post 415 Petersham

Post 429 Fitchburg (Cleghorn)
Gaylord J. "Mac" McCormick 10/23/2022 (former member)
Billy Oxford, Jr. 11/21/2022

Post 435 Worcester (Vernon Hill)
Michael J Cronin Jr. 4/11/2022 (former member)
David J. Vayo 5/21/2022 (former member)
Samuel Francis Penny, Jr. 7/4/2022 (former member)
John T. "Jack" Shea 7/20/2022
John E. Durkin 9/2/2022
Edward Rodriguez 10/19/2022 (Past Post Commander)
William J. "Bill" Murphy 11/22/2022

Post 443 Leicester (Cherry Valley)
The Honorable Robert V. Mulkern Sr., 1/31/2021
Richard E. "Dick" Hammarstrom 10/28/2022

Mass. Holding Post 462 & Capitol Hill Post 297
Resided in Worcester County
Peter Grillo 3/20/2021 (resided in Worcester)
Gary C. Renaud 4/15/2021 (former member, resided in West Boylston)
George A. Turpin Sr. 4/12/2022 (former member, resided in Grafton)
Alfred A. LaFlamme 5/9/2022 (former member, resided in Athol)
Homer R. Stafford 5/24/2022 (former member, resided in South Lancaster)
Joseph B. McCaffrey 6/3/2022 (resided in Berlin)
Roland Francis Spear 6/17/2022 (former
member, resided in Oxford)
Maurice P. Ventura 6/19/2022 (resided in Worcester)
Kenneth H. “Buddy” Bakstran 7/25/2022 (former member, resided in Worcester)
Clifford P. Stone 9/13/2022 (former member, resided in Charlton)
Richard S. Myrdal 9/17/2022 (former member, resided in Holden)
James J. Mason 9/20/2022 (resided in Leicester)
Francis W. McCauliff Jr. 9/24/2022 (former member, resided in Lunenburg)
Domenico B. Bettinelli 9/25/2022 (former member, resided in Southborough
)Philip A. Madonia Jr. 10/3/2022 (former member, resided in Fitchburg)
Iver R. Anderson 11/15/2022 (former member)
James A. Cottle 11/7/2022 (resided in Holden)
Kenneth C. Henderson 11/12/2022 (former member)

Disbanded/Unknown Post
Resided in Worcester County
Thomas G. “Tom” Corsac 8/28/2022 (former member Rochdale Post 205)

Pauline Lashua 3/28/2022 (Winchendon Unit 193)
Marion C. (Paul) May 4/25/2022 (Winchendon Unit 193)
Catherine A. Desmarais 6/19/2022 (Winchendon Unit 193)
Norma E. (Dunton) Annis 7/23/2022 (Sutton Unit 414)