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Compiled by Ray Samko - VETS' NEWS editor .

This page contains the KNOWN names of all Legion and Sons of the Legion family members that belong to a post, unit or squadron in Worcester County District 4 that have passed away since the Worcester County Council - District 4 meeting held on May 23, 2020..

Forward the name, date of death or errors to 
 RaySamko at vhp435@vernonhill435.net  

"On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation, please accept this flag as a token of the honorable and faithful service of your loved one."





Post 2 Barre
David M Dougan 5/22/2020
Lionel “Lee” A. Lajoie 6/25/2020

Post 9 Millbury (Devoe-Taylor)

Post 10 Fitchburg

Post 31 Southbridge

Post 33 Uxbridge (Charles A. Rice)

Post 41 North Brookfield (Sawyer-Mathieu-Kearns)

Post 42 Holden (John E. Harkins)

Post 50 Clinton (James R. Kirby)

Post 58 Oxford

Post 59 Milford (Sgt. John W. Powers)
Joseph R. Manella 7/1/2020

Post 92 North Grafton (Delisle-Goulet)
Raymond O. Boucher 5/26/2020
Leonard J. Berube 7/1/2020 (Past Post Commander)

Post 96 Lancaster (Everett H. Minigan)

Post 102 Athol (Edward H. Phillips)
Theresa A. (Joly) Allen 5/27/2020 (former member)
Richard J. Chase, Sr. 7/3/2020

Post 109 Sturbridge (Champaeu-Vilandre)

Post 119 Harvard (Edward Thomas)

Post 129 Gardner
F. Donald Legault 5/27/2020
Jack D. Gandee 5/27/2020 (former member????)

Post 138 Spencer (Gaudette-Kirk)
David J. Mainville 5/23/2020 (former member)
Daniel R "Dan" Letendre 6/21/2020
Theodore E. Roberts, Jr. 6/19/2020 (former member)

Post 142 Ashburnham (Thomas P. Sweeney)
Jules P. Vaillancourt 6/29/2020

Post 151 Leominster
Robert D. Macdonald 5/12/2020 (former member)
Lester S. Lacki 6/27/2020

Post 161 Southborough (Bagley-Fay)

Post 162 Berlin (H. Wallance Woodward)

Post 163 Westborough (Stowell-Parker)

Post 173 Upton (Marshall-Leland)

Post 174 Westminster (William S. Miller)

Post 184 Webster (Webster-Dudley)
Francis E. Cutting 5/9/2020
Philip I. Ravenelle 5/29/2020

Post 189 Sterling (Hiram O. Taylor)
Thomas Henry Davis 5/9/2020
Jerry F. Ash 6/22/2020

Post 193 Winchendon (Eugene M. Connor)
Charles A Sylvester 5/20/2020
Harry "Skip" Kinner 6/9/2020
James E. Horan, Sr. 7/2/2020

Post 201 Worcester (East Side)
John F Dente 6/2/2020
Anthony J Lazzaro 6/8/2020
Peter V. Campanale, Sr. 6/19/2020

Post 204 West Boylston (Harold N. Keith)
Donald "Red" McCormick 5/13/2020 (former member????)

Post 205 Rochdale (Shannon-Davis)

Post 234 Northborough (Vincent F. Picard)
John A. “Jack” Williams, Jr. 5/26/2020

Post 238 Shrewsbury (Ray Stone)
Deacon Ralph W. Anderson , Jr. 5/31/2020

Post 244 West Brookfield (Adams-Coney-Frew)
Philip E. Bland 5/3/2020

Post 246 Gilbertville (John J. Weir)
Charles L. “Charlie” Lowell 4/15/2020

Post 279 Auburn (Chester P. Tuttle)
Lionel R. Demers 5/19/2020
Donald E. Alberts, Sr. 5/26/2020 (former member)

Post 288 Worcester (Tatnuck)
Peter I. Gabor 6/13/2020 (former member)

Post 306 Paxton

Post 310 Rutland

Post 318 Worcester (Quinsigamond)

Post 319 Worcester (Greendale)

Post 323 Worcester (Grafton Hill)

Post 341 Worcester (Main South)

Post 343 Northbridge (Oliver Ashton)

Post 355 Mendon (Roger L. Wood)
Ellery Taft 5/6/2020 (former member)
Laurence Thomas Maher 6/2/2020

Post 373 Baldwinville (Lt. Roger P. Warfield)
Bernard O. Lucier 4/21/2020 (former member)

Post 386 East Brookfield (Boulette-Sky)

Post 391 Charlton
Matthew E. "Matt" Smith 5/29/2020

Post 397 Shrewsbury (Victor R. Quaranta)

Post 398 Boylston (Barton-Brown-Button)

Post 411 Millville (Millville Memorial)

Post 414 Sutton (Dudley-Gendron)
Paul A. Melia 4/27/2020
Wesley D. Taft 5/2/2020
Theodore H. Cocaine 5/28/2020
Stephen J. Webb 6/8/2020

Post 415 Petersham

Post 429 Fitchburg (Cleghorn)
Angelo A. Femino 5/26/2020
Robert E. Laramie 6/18/2020 (former member)

Post 435 Worcester (Vernon Hill)
Lawrence E. Collins 5/30/2020
James J. Nowosacki 6/13/2020

Post 443 Leicester (Cherry Valley)
Robert (Bob) R. Cleary 8/26/2019
Thomas F. Lilley, Sr. 6/20/2020 (Past Post Commander)

Mass. Holding Post 462 & Cspitol Hill Post 297
Resided in Worcester County
Patrick J. McDonnell 5/9/2020 (resided in Millville)
David K. Montgomery, Jr. 5/10/2020 (former member)
Deacon Joseph V. Clonan, Jr. 5/12/2020 (former member)
Lawrence T. Adams 5/19/2020 (former member, resided in Whitinsville)
John L. Meyer, Sr. 5/20/2020 (former member, resided in Fitchburg)
Robert I. Marchand 6/6/2020 (former resident of Millbury)
Vernon M. McCaughey 6/13/2020 (resided in Sturbridge)
Henry J. Barnatt 6/16/2020 (resided in Whitinsville)
Robert M. McDermott, Jr. 6/27/2020 (resided in Worcester)
Anthony C. “Tony” O’Malley 6/30/2020 (former member, resided in Boylston)

Disbanded/Unknown Post
Resided in Worcester County

Helen F. (Healy) Heney 5/11/2020 (Northbridge Unit 343)
Evelyn M. “Maxie” (Gaudette) Turk 5/16/2020 (Cleghorn Unit 429, Fitchburg)
Patricia "Patsy" (McCluskey) Larson 5/20/2020 (Vernon Hill Unit 435, Worcester)
Ann B. (Laakso) Moring 5/20/2020 (former member & Past President, Gardner Unit 129)
Ida May (Banovetz) George 5/26/2020 (Winchendon Unit 193)
Mary L. (Tristano) Carelli 5/30/2020 East Side Unit 201, Worcester)