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Compiled by Ray Samko - VETS' NEWS editor .

This page contains the KNOWN names of all Legion and Sons of the Legion family members that belong to a post, unit or squadron in Worcester County District 4 that have passed away since the Worcester County Council - District 4 meeting held on May 2021

Forward the name, date of death or errors to 
 RaySamko at vhp435@vernonhill435.net  

"On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation, please accept this flag as a token of the honorable and faithful service of your loved one."




Post 2 Barre
Richard Gordon Benedict 7/23/2021
Kenneth H Cusson 11/20/2021 (former member)
Randall "Randy" May 11/26/2021

Post 9 Millbury (Devoe-Taylor)
Robert J Fisher 10/23/2021

Post 10 Fitchburg

Post 31 Southbridge

Post 33 Uxbridge (Charles A. Rice)
William H. Davis, Jr. 6/22/2021
Patrick H. Fettuccia 9/29/2021
Kenneth E. Forbes 2/9/2022 (former member)

Post 41 North Brookfield (Sawyer-Mathieu-Kearns)

Post 42 Holden (John E. Harkins)
Paul R. Becker 10/7/2021

Post 50 Clinton (James R. Kirby)
William E. Hutcheon, Sr. 8/5/2021
Paul F. Lowe 11/29/2021
William T. "Bill" Burke 12/20/2021

Post 58 Oxford
David R. Sochia, Sr. 7/9/2021
John G. Saad, Jr. 7/9/2021
Raymond A. Frazier 11/3/2021
Robert H. Krafve, Sr. 2/27/2022 (former member)
Richard "Vinnie" Vincent 4/18/2022

Post 59 Milford (Sgt. John W. Powers)
Colonel Matthew G.M. Masnik 7/1/2021

Post 92 North Grafton (Delisle-Goulet)
Hugh D. Crawford 1/4/2022

Post 96 Lancaster (Everett H. Minigan)

Post 102 Athol (Edward H. Phillips)
Donald W. Fellows 5/5/2021 (former member)
Richard Joseph "Bud" Gagnon 5/28/2021 (Past Post Commander)
Glenn Bartlett Hastings 6/24/2021
Kevin John Williams 9/14/2021 (former member)
Kenneth F. Mousseau 12/13/2021
Gary M. Waid 1/19/2022
James D Cetto 2/5/2022

Post 109 Sturbridge (Champaeu-Vilandre)
Charles "Bob" Robert Hitchcock 5/13/2021
Arthur A. Quinn 8/2/2021
Roland E Hewitt 8/26/2021
Emil E. Maly 1/22/2022

Post 119 Harvard (Edward Thomas)

Post 129 Gardner
Rene “Chocolate” P. Doiron 7/24/2021
Edward N. Bergeron 9/4/2021
John J. Wall Jr. 9/11/2021
Kenneth D Larson 9/19/2021 (former member)
Gerard "George" Ouellette 12/2/2021
Paul G. Allain 12/3/2021
Arthur A. Melanson 12/22/2021
Michael J. Crowley 2/20/2022
Willard "Bill" Whitney 2/21/2022 (former member)

Post 138 Spencer (Gaudette-Kirk)
Joseph P. Carlson 7/15/2021
Claude J. Roy 8/17/2021
Pierre "Peter" Moise Rock 10/1/2021
Robert F. Kelly 11/6/2021
Andrew “Mick” Aroian 11/30/2021
Robert Clifton Beer 12/2/2021
Bruce Ernest Decker 12/16/2021
Wilfred E. Makynen 1/15/2022
Harris M Gray 1/23/2022
Edward J. "Bud" Budnik 2/15/2022
James "Jim" Earle 3/18/2022

Post 142 Ashburnham (Thomas P. Sweeney)
Janet E. (Battles) Perrett 7/9/2021
Dwight A. "Andy" Anderson 2/23/2022

Post 151 Leominster
Thomas E. Jercha 4/29/2021
David L. Kenny 7/13/2021
Matteo Ciccone 10/7/2021
Emile H. Comeau 11/11/2021
Victorio (Victor) Amico 12/29/2021 (former member)
Michael J. Kinsella 1/19/2022
Charles W. Bigelow 2/12/202
Eugene L. Boucher 2/16/2022
James A. Facey, Jr. 2/22/2022

Post 161 Southborough (Bagley-Fay)
Paul J. Berry 8/1/2021 (former member)

Post 162 Berlin (H. Wallance Woodward)
Douglas J. "Doug" Coldwell, Sr. 8/1/2021

Post 163 Westborough (Stowell-Parker)
Robert F. Thompson 5/30/2021

Post 173 Upton (Marshall-Leland)

Post 174 Westminster (William S. Miller)
Warren E. Legsdin, Jr. 10/27/2021
Arthur B. Trainque 2/18/2022

Post 184 Webster (Webster-Dudley)
Clemence A. "Clem" Starosta 10/19/2021
Norman J. Deptul 11/7/2021
Joseph R. Henault 1/24/2022
Ronald A. Boisclair 2/15/2022 (former member)
Charles J. "Elvis" Walley 2/21/2022 (Past Post Commander)

Post 189 Sterling (Hiram O. Taylor)
Russell Edwards (Russ) Leavitt 6/20/2021 (former member)
Roland A. Nelson Jr. 8/2/2021
William W. Bird, Jr. 8/13/2021
Robert F. Cutler, Sr. 9/17/2021 (former member and Past Post Commander)

Post 193 Winchendon (Eugene M. Connor)
Bruce Bartlett 7/2/2021
Roy E Harding 8/11/2021
Alfred F. Lafortune 9/6/2021 (former member)
Ivan G. “Skip” Wood 9/28/2021 (former member)
David A. Beers 10/3/2021
Richard "Dick" Padeni 11/16/2021
Earl W. McQueston, Jr. 11/20/2021 (former member)
Chad M. LaPointe 12/19/2021 (S.A.L. member)
Donald L. Santini 1/22/2022 (former member)
Charles A. Beers 2/19/2022
Urvin P. Laperriere 2/26/2022

Post 201 Worcester (East Side)
Rocco J. Martinelli, Sr. 6/15/2021
Frank Musci 8/1/2021 (Past Post Commander)
Vincent “Teddy” Pasquale 8/9/2021
William R. (Bill) St. Germain 9/9/2021
Daniel A. Buduo 10/25/2021 (former member)
William S. Fiorino 12/1/2021
Camillo "Cam" Quitadamo 12/13/2021

Post 204 West Boylston (Harold N. Keith)
John C. Cox 5/2/2021
Robert L. Armey 5/6/2021
Paul "Squeaky" Bagdis 5/12/2021
Stephen J. Celona 7/1/2021
W. Denholm Smith 9/22/2021
Paul J. Butkevich 10/1/2021
Carlton J. "Jake" O'Connor 11/11/2021
George R Ciociolo, Sr. 12/7/2021 (former member)
Dwight M. Goodale, Jr. 12/29/2021

Post 205 Rochdale (Shannon-Davis)

Post 234 Northborough (Vincent F. Picard)
Walter F. Reddington, III 6/19/2021
James A. “Jim” Mikutaitis 7/20/2021
Alfred Henry Graefing 8/4/2021
Stephen W. Osik 8/28/2021
Anne R Falco (Colacchio) 10/5/2021
Richard T. Siraco 10/29/2021
Richard J "Dick" Weir, Sr. 11/1/2021
Grenville "Bucky" Rogers 11/9/2021 (former member)
John B. 'Jack' Gunning 12/16/2021
Donald L. Starkey 12/21/2021 (former member & Past Post Commander)
Carl R. "Reggie" Popp 1/16/2022
H. Conrad "John" Johnson 1/26/2022 (former member)
Herbert M. Nye 2/1/2022
Francis J. Peto, Jr. 2/14/2022
Edward D. Donnelly 2/28/2022

Post 238 Shrewsbury (Ray Stone)
Malcolm D. Mackenzie 8/26/2021
Theodore "Ted" Barber 11/19/2021

Post 244 West Brookfield (Adams-Coney-Frew)
Robert K. Downing 5/21/2021
Paul W. Guglietti 5/25/2021
Raymond S. Haire 7/27/2021
Rodney E. Perkins 10/24/2021

Post 246 Gilbertville (John J. Weir)

Post 279 Auburn (Chester P. Tuttle)
George Elliott Roberts 9/3/2021
Richard J. King 10/13/2021
Mark C. Stevens 10/23/2021
John Donatelli 11/12/2021
Norman A. "Bubba" Fanion, Sr. 11/23/2021
Earl F. Bruso 1/25/2022 (former member)

Post 288 Worcester (Tatnuck)
Robert S. Crompton 7/12/2021
John F. Leahy 9/11/2021
James J. Rice, Sr. 12/13/2021

Post 306 Paxton

Post 310 Rutland

Post 318 Worcester (Quinsigamond)
Warren P. Washington 9/15/2021 (former member)
Ronald E. LaPlante 12/8/2021

Post 319 Worcester (Greendale)

Post 323 Worcester (Grafton Hill)

Post 341 Worcester (Main South)
Richard D. Tuson 12/21/2021
Jeffrey R. Hazelwood 3/8/2022

Post 343 Northbridge (Oliver Ashton)
James H. "Bedis" Belanger 8/30/2021

Post 355 Mendon (Roger L. Wood)
Anthony A. Magliocca 5/3/2021
Myron D. Tower 12/25/2021

Post 373 Baldwinville (Lt. Roger P. Warfield)
Robert (Bob) M Leland 3/7/2021
John T. Wictoski 6/7/2021
Norman L. Hope, Jr. 6/21/2021
Daniel R. Laine 7/25/2021
George W. Barnes, Sr. 8/26/2021

Post 386 East Brookfield (Boulette-Sky)

Post 391 Charlton
Allan R. Turmelle 8/11/2021
Joanne M. (Zollo) Wilbur 11/9/2021
David Calvin Hancock 2/15/2022 (former member)

Post 397 Shrewsbury (Victor R. Quaranta)
MSgt James N Lapponese US Army(ret) 11/18/2021
Libro DiPilato 12/24/2021
Frank A. Abasciano 2/24/2022

Post 398 Boylston (Barton-Brown-Button)

Post 411 Millville (Millville Memorial)

Post 414 Sutton (Dudley-Gendron)
William J. Pulaski, Sr. 12/28/2020
Walter Eugene Tebo 4/13/2021
Kenneth Carrignant 5/1/2021
Donald W. O'Day, Sr. 6/17/2021
Chester J. Roy 12/9/2021
Robert Lawrence LeClaire 1/21/2022
Robert "Bob" Smith 4/29/2022

Post 415 Petersham

Post 429 Fitchburg (Cleghorn)
Normand L. Bedard 6/28/2021 (former member)
David W. Quarles 8/3/2021
Neal L Martin 8/29/2021
Normand J. Babineau 9/12/2021
Leon C. Bello 11/2/2021
Robert F Souther 12/9/2021
Lawrence J. Lincourt 1/31/2022 (former member)

Post 435 Worcester (Vernon Hill)
Robert M. Sullivan 1/23/2021 (former member)
Paul Einar Auguste Maki 7/8/2021
Paul M. Lukas 8/12/2021
Joseph T. Jalbert, Sr. 9/12/2021
Catherine E. (Fortune) Smalley 10/13/2021
Harry Gartatzoghian 10/16/2021
James E. Fay, Jr. 11/26/2021
Deacon Joseph M. Baniukiewicz 12/11/2021
Annette J. Gully 12/17/2021 (former member)
Thomas R. O’Brien 11/27/2021

Post 443 Leicester (Cherry Valley)
Brad Scott Allen 9/20/2021 (Sons of The Legion member)
Raymond R. Mason, Sr. 9/23/2021
Robert B. Daigle 10/20/2021
Paul R. Almstrom 10/22/2021
Roland H. Hickok 11/30/2021 (S.A.L. member)

Mass. Holding Post 462 & Capitol Hill Post 297
Resided in Worcester County
Mathew James Mageau 4/19/2021 (resided in Southbridge)
Charles J. Brazile 5/1/2021 (resided in Worcester)
George A. "Tim" Threadgould, Jr. 5/14/2021 (former member, resided in Rutland)
Eddie L. Polk, Sr. 5/22/2021 (former member, resided in Gardner)
Bruce K. Flaxington 5/24/2021 (former member, resided in Gardner)
John William Flanagan 5/27/2021 (former member, resided in Leominster)
James Curtis Patch, Sr. (Jim) 6/9/2021 (former member, resided in Holden)
Allan R. “Al” Fant 6/12/2021 (former member, resided in Sutton)
David Noel Adoretti 6/18/2021 (former member, resided in Sterling)
Jackson Dwight Brigham 6/20/2021 (former member)
A. Gordon Cross 6/28/2021 (former member, resided in Worcester)
James D. Hancock 7/19/2021 (formerly resided in Ashburnham)
Robert E. “Bob” Larson 8/8/2021 (resided in Spencer)
Anthony T. Martello 8/12/2021 (resided in Worcester)
Todd R. Erickson 8/13/2021 (former member, resided in Milford)
Timothy M. Turner 8/24/2021 (former member, resided in Oxford)
George A. Wallace, III 9/6/2021 (former member, formerly resided in Leominster)
Matteo J. Dell'Erba 9/8/2021 (former member, resided in Shrewsbury)
Willis K. Haire, Jr. 9/25/2021 (former member, resided in Shrewsbury)
Donald B. Ichton 9/28/2021 (former member, resided in Worcester)
Paul A. Lavallee 9/30/2021 (resided in Leicester)
Raymond H. Lawson 10/2/2021 (resided in Princeton)
Paul Potvin 10/7/2021 (former member, resided in North Brookfield)
Richard A. Gordon 10/21/2021 (former member, resided in Winchendon)
John H. Berube 10/27/202l (resided in Oxford)
Joseph S. Fleming 11/15/2021 (former member, resided in Westborough)
Dr. Paul P. Harasimowicz, Jr. 11/21/2021 (former member, resided in Gardner)
John N. Gabriel 11/21/2021 (resided in Worcester)
John Sneddon iii 12/2/2021 (former member, resided in Leominster)
Salvatore (Sal) Paladino 12/8/2021 (former member, resided in Holden)
Barry Shutter 12/16/2021 (former member, resided in Worcester)
Robert "Bob" Clarke 12/28/2021 (former member, resided in Auburn)
Barry L. Boutelle, Sr. 1/12/2022 (resided in Holden)
Robert D Costa 1/17/2022 (former member, resided in Milford)
William “Lew” Ayers, Sr. 1/20/2022 (resided in Charlton)
Donald A. Buzzell 1/21/2022 (resided in Northborough)
Ernest J. Sharron 1/21/2022 (resided in North Brookfield)
Albert R Ordway 1/24/2022 (former member, resided in Hubbardston)
Richard H. Boulette 2/9/2022 (resided in North Brookfield)
George L. Bergquist 2/10/2022 (former member, resided in Shrewsbury)
William "Bill" Openshaw, Jr. 2/16/2022 (resided in Auburn)
Herbert "Pete" S. Peterson 2/16/2022 (resided in Worcester)
Roland H. Lafleche 2/19/2022 (former member, resided in Southbridge)
Paul P. Nelson 2/19/2022 (former member, resided in Leicester)
Michael P. Senior 2/22/2022 (former member)
Charles A. "Chick" Dionne 3/2/2022 (former member)
James E. Trudell 3/7/2022 (former member)

Disbanded/Unknown Post
Resided in Worcester County
Christopher Lekas 10/19/2021 (former member, Espas Post 424, Worcester)

Fannie M. (Maio) Simeone 4/10/2021 Former member and officer of Barre Unit 404)
Alice M. (Evashousky) Ostrowski 6/3/2021 (Baldwinville Unit 373)
Jeanne E Parke 7/4/2021 (Auburn Unit 279)
Elizabeth M. “Betty” “Tunny” LaPointe 7/31/2021 (Winchendon Unit 193)
Dorothy E. (Gallerani) Parente 9/18/2021 (Unit unknown, resided in Milford)
Theresa (Giarrusso) Elbe 9/23/2021 (Northborough Unit 234)
Linda M (Smith) Gianetti 10/12/2021 (Milford Unit 59)
Clarice E Jannette (Heyes) 10/25/2021 (unknown Unit, resided in Barre)
Frances J. (Mullins) Shugrue 10/26/2021 (Unit unknown, resided in Worcester)
Rose M. (Rana) Oliver 12/24/2021 (former member East Side Unit 201, Worcester)
Lorraine T. Zoldak 1/3/2022 (Gardner Unit 129)
Patricia A. (Russo) Christian 1/10/2022 (Ashburnham Unit 142)
Jean M. (Degon) Daigle 1/15/2022 (Grafton Unit 92)/
Louise M. Fleming 1/21/2022 (unit unknown, resided in Grafton)
Alice M. (Lavallee) Peters 1/25/2022 (Webster Unit 184)
Diane C. ( Dudek) Anderson 2/5/2022 (Oxford Unit 58)
Catherine R. “Kay” (Cerrone) Lemerise 2/9/2022 (Cherry Valley Unit 443)
Elizabeth “Betty” E. (Blake) Meany 2/12/2022 (Past President, Gardner Unit 129)
Gloria B. "Glozie" (Treska) Simo 2/14/2022 (Past President of the former Nanof-Peristere Unit 453, Worcester)
Eveline M (Johnson) (Lavoie) Beauregard 2/18/2022 (former member Gardner Unit 129)
Lena M. (Bosselait) Hill 2/27/2022 (Ashburnham Unit 142)