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*Officers (Department - District 4)*



Jodie Pajak - Dept. Commander 
Coral May Grout - Dept. President
 - Det. Commander


Massachusetts Officers 2019-2020
Commander: Jodie Pajak President: Coral May Grout

SENIOR VICE: Anthony Dias

Vice Commanders: 
Sally Nay
Sandra Kee
Lisa McPhee

Department Vice Presidents:
1st - 
Cynthia Kelley
2nd - Deb Lyons
3rd - Jen Hamre

Adjutant: Milton K. Lashaus Secretary: Ann Fournier  
Treasurer: Stephen Souza Treasurer: Ann Fournier
Chaplain: Rev. Phillip Salois Chaplain: Monique Connor
Historian: Nelson Blake Historian: Sofia Blake 
Sgt-at-Arms: Robert Desrosier Sgt-at-Arms: Jen Temple
NEC: Lou Brault NEC: Donna Blattenberger
Alt. NEC: James Brehio Parliamentarian: Deborah Barber
Exec. COMMITTEEWOMAN: Neysa Wright  



 District 4 Officers 2019-2020




Commander: Scott Gauthier Director: Jean Reed
Sr.-Vice: Scott Conner Sr. Vice: 
Jr.-Vice: Steve Gallant Jr. Vice:  
Adjutant: Lisa McPhee Secretary: Jean Reed
Fin. Off.: Robert E. Temple Treasurer: Virginia Gingras
Chaplain: Leo Provencher Chaplain: Patricia Maillet
Historian: David Peckham Historian: Maggie Roy
Sgt.-at-Arms: Peter Newman Sgt.-at-Arms: June Mezzanotti
Executive Board: 
Executive Committee: 



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